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In cooperation with the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technologies, we combined their knowledge and over 25 years of experience in the biomedical field with our engineering, farming and physics background and discovered some of nature’s best kept secrets.

The 3 most important properties of the product are:
1. Balances the function of the stomach and intestinal microbiome;
2. Helps to absorb nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract;
3. Removes heavy metals and free radicals from the body.

Just like humans, animals have an increasing problem with intestinal and stomach problems. Black Balance promotes the vitality of beneficial microbes.

In their natural habitat, animals are provided with humus and fulvic acids through water and food, however, domestic animals only have access to food in which this acid compound is almost completely absent.

Our product is composed of lignophenol, obtained from wood, and is also supplemented with the Chaga mushroom to enhance the fulvic acid content of the product. We extract the purest lignophenol from wood, for it accumulates lignin, which contains all the vital substances necessary for the tree to maintain its cells by protecting itself against the free radicals, such as the gamma rays of the sun, etc.

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The product is being tested for prophylaxis and treatment of equine gastric ulcer syndrome by veterinarians from Equine Clinic of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. Preliminary results show significant improvement and even complete healing of squamous and glandular stomach ulcers after a 3-month trial period. Use of the product has shown also prophylactic properties, since new lesions were not observed in horses that had been subjected to traveling and competition stress during trial period. In addition, horses were reported to become less stressful and resistant during every day work and competitions. Blood tests done before and after the use of product showed no adverse effects and no clinical adverse effects have been noted so far.

Today, there is a growing awareness and extended studies of the importance of the intestinal microbiome for all diseases, for even the father of the modern medicine, Hippocrates, suggested already 2000 years ago, that all disease begins in the Gut.

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